News Reports

Over the past 30 years, as the hog and poultry industries' growth exploded in North Carolina, the local, national and worldwide media investigated and reported the relevant facts. This has led to a robust condemnation of these industries' pollution practices, as well as their consequences. 

Additionally, filmmakers from around the world have visited North Carolina to film documentaries on the substance of the issues. 

The number of reports in print and video are in the many thousands. This is easily verified through an internet search. Set forth below are a select few of these reports dating back to 1994.  


clips from


1st nationally televised report on hog pollution. Peter Jennings ABC 1994 

60 Minutes


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Dateline 1996 Documentary  Pfiesteria fish kills and the Neuse River

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Outdoor Life Network

Earth Rescue


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The Rest of the Story Documentary 2001

PED kills more than

2 million hogs in

North Carolina (2014) 

Progress NC


Rene Miller Story

Rally for Environmental Justice

Raleigh, NC

´╗┐For a near endless series of condemning  reports on North Carolina animal factory pollution

visit this You Tube site

HBO Special

Why North Carolina Can't Solve its

Hog Problem



Eating Animals

The Movie

This movie is as good as you will find on the issues related to industrial animal production and consequences. It is available on Amazon and I-Tunes. It is well worth your time to view. You will find it very informative. It is not loaded with one scene after  another of animal abuse. It is loaded with valuable information about the meat that's eaten and the consequences related to its production. This movie answers all the questions.  

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